Blog Mainstreaming

Hi everyone. I am trying to mainstream all my blogs. In order to do so, I will start off with some blog history. This blog started in connection to a memorial service I was planning to commemorate the assasination of the Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin, who was shot by an extremist in the wake of signing the Oslo Accords. Meanwhile, I started a feminism/gender studies/judaism blog, and a human rights/gender issues/judaism blog, as well as a current events blog. I now want to combine all blogs into one, though I am not sure how much current events – or at least politics – will feature. With all the nasty fights out there, I want to stay far away, but at the same time, if there is an issue I believe I can not stay silent about, or a political brawl relating to human rights, it might pop up.

Here is a link to the human rights, etc., blog:

A link to the gender blog:

A link to the current events blog:

In case you’re interested, a link to my creative writing:

Works published in Thoroughfare:

In addition to blogging and creative writing, I am also a contributing writer for Here is a link to my writer’s profile, which will give anyone who’s interested some of my basic biographical info:

Allright, that’s it for the self-promotion. I just figured that as I’m getting started, I might as well give you the links you need to form a more complete picture of me, as well as any past blogposts you might be interested in. Thanks for putting up with this post, and shabbat shalom.


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