I do see a main part of blogging, as linking readers to writing far more interesting than my own. As such, I hope to have bi-weekly or weekly posts that are essentially lists of links, in addition to posts comprised of my own writing. Here is the first such list:

Judaism and Social Change:

Jewish Texts:

On the Abortion Law Fight in Texas:

On Syria:

on Obama and the Orthodox World:

On Rush Limbaugh:

A Step Forward For Lesbians In the Holy Land:

On Agunot:

On Judaism and Green Ethics:

Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy entry for Human Rights

Article on morality

Jewish Texts For Social Justice:

on Homophobia:

On Prostitution:

A Soccer Team For Darfur:

Hopefully future link lists will be better organized. Also, just because I post a link, does not mean I agree with the content of the article I have linked you to. It just means I consider the article worth reading.

Shabbat shalom.




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