Let’s Link Again, Like We Did Last Summer

Before I go on to post the petitions I am about to post, I would like to say something:

1. It is easy to think “What’s the use? I’m just one name” – however, petitions really can have an effect, and for that to happen, they need as many names as possible – meaning you signature counts. A good example would be the petition I signed last week from change.org, urging FIFA to allow Muslim women to play soccer while wearing their head-scarves. A few days ago, change.org sent me the following email: “the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) voted to lift the ban on women players wearing headscarves — giving young athletes the opportunity to play without compromising their religious beliefs.”, According to change.org that’s in large part because of the international petition, started by Rahaf Owais, a staffer at the Jordanian Football Association, that got more than 15,000 signatures. Go Rahaf and everyone who signed the petition! And to all those Muslim women who choose to wear headscarves while playing football (ie soccer) – rock on!

Withouf further ado, some petitions for you to sign, if you’re so inclined:

Urge Your Rep To Support New Sudan Legislation (This one features a video by George Clooney): http://www2.americanprogress.org/p/dia/action/public/?action_KEY=205

Take Action For Sudan:


Take Action Related To Uganda:


Now on to Feminism:

An article on girl-power in Africa

Arizona Legislation Concerning Abortion

On “The Good Wife” and the trend of women leaving the workforce

The Roots of Polyamory

On Separation of Church and State:

Rick Santorum Still Isn’t Crazy

Israel News:

A Message from the Iron Dome soldiers (in Hebrew)

Note: This is a news item, not meant to condemn or condone any Israeli Defense Force policy.



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