More Links: Kiva and Tzniut

First of all, a friend of mine is collection money for KIVA. The idea is very simple: KIVA gives micro-loans to people so that they may start their own business. The idea is, instead of giving charity, to enable someone to become self-sufficient – which according to much rabbinic thought, is the highest form of charity. You can choose who you wish to lend to, and you get your money back (the loan is interest free, so you don’t earn any money), after which you can choose to invest in a new person in need, or simply take the money back. Often, groups will start KIVA pages, where individuals combine forces to invest a larger sum. One such group has been started by Nerdfighters, and my friend is collecting for them. If you click on the link below however, you will get to INVEST 25 DOLLARS IN CHARITY FOR FREE, so its really a win-win situation:

Now, on to a different topic: There is an article that I feel really hits the issue with tzniut in the Orthodox world today on the head – I did not want to include it in the gender section of the previous post, because I feel it is a religious problem, not just a gender one – this issues is subverting what is (in my view) an essential part of the message of Judaism:

Also, in case you’re wondering what web activism is: It’s slacktivism!


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