Clarification on Previous Post

I think women – feminists and not – have a right to any type of fetish they want, whether strong man or otherwise (provided that fetish does not harm people – and no, I do not define safe S&M as harm). I also don’t think feminist have a sacred duty to sleep with feminist men – they should sleep with whomever they want, male or female. But I am saying, that I happen to know many male feminists, and all complain of feeling shun by society et large, and specifically, by female society, which seems to hold an unfair mating standard on them: For non-feminists, their feminism is a turn-off. For feminist women, they are either not feminist enough, or are not macho enough. They feel stuck, romantically and otherwise, and disempowered. As feminists, discrimination against any feminist, whether male or female, should bother us.*

On a more practical level, if being a feminist makes it hard for men socially and romantically, they are less likely to be feminists, which harms our cause. I think as feminists we need to work to make society a male-feminist-friendly place (and of course, a female-feminist-friendly place as well). All feminists should engage in this effort. As for the decision of whom to sleep with – that is a personal choice.


* And yes, such discrimination may cause a feminist man to develop certain psychological issues precisely surrounding the areas of power, gender, and sex – the areas which he is trying be progressive about! Of course,  a) most feminist men are perfectly psychologically healthy b) psychological issues are not an excuse for harrassment.


One Response to “Clarification on Previous Post”

  1. Isaac Brooks Says:

    I am a feminist man and I feel none of that; I am not perceived as weak by non-feminist men, though I am perceived as a “crazy feminist,” or the “token woman” among the men. I am also not aware of any perception of weakness among my woman friends.

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