On Blogging

As a human being, I believe one of the most precious ways we can enrich the world, is by being productive, by not wasting our time. Please understand: By being productive, I do not mean merely performing tasks for one’s career or studying for a test: I consider relaxing to be productive, for it is recharging the soul’s batteries. Spending time with friends and family is productive – it forgese connections with others. Eating a delicious meal is productive, because it is partaking of the pleasures of this world. I once heard a speech – I believe, but can not guarantee – tha tit was by Rabbi Riskin, in which he said that the first question a person is asked by God upon entering paradise, is “Have you taken pleasure from My world?”. I see Judaism as a religion that believes in ethical pleasure, and this plays a big role in how I live my life as a religious Jewish woman.


What I do mean, when I say “being productive” is maximizing one’s time. There seems to be a concept, in our society, that time is somethign to be wasted – I have an hour “to kill” so might as well watch TV or screw around on Facebook. Please don’t get me wrong – I often give into this attitude as well, even though I try not to. It just seems to me however, in an era when the greatest crime of humanity is not evil, but inactivity of good people to fight evil. that perhaps there is a macro humans rights toll to be paid for this micro inactivity of millions – not to mention an artistic toll – imagine if Falkner would have had Facebook! Would we have gotten “The Sound and The Fury”? I hope so, but am unsure whether or not my hope is false.

I ponder this sometimes, when I think about my internet activism: Is the time I invest proportional to the impact I can achieve? Would my time be bettr spent doing something else? The answers to these questions are constantly evolving, though I do feel that right now, blogging is something productive for me, and I do hope that people read it, and it causes them to think and to click on an interesting link.


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