Why Israel Deserves To Exist

There is an increasing tendency towards anti-Israelism: that is, opposing Israel’s existence as a state. Here are some quick reasons why it should exists:

1. It is a recognition of Jewish national self-determination. National self-determination is one of Wilson’s fourteen points, and is the general principle underlying the international system of nation-states that most modern states are a part of.

2. It was founded by a UN charter.

3. It is the only true democracy in the Middle East. It has a free press, free speech, etc., and proportionally, the number of Israeli Arabs serving in Israeli parliament and attending Israeli universities is larger than the number of African-Americans in congress and attending colelge in the US.

4. There has been a continuous Jewish presence in Israel for 2,000 years, even if at times that presence was tiny. Jews began flooding in as refugees of Eastern European anti-Semitic violence in the 1800s, where they rebuilt the land. Thus, when the UN founded the State of Israel, it was being given to a population that had been living there in large numbers for two hundred years, and in small numbers for 2,000 – ie, an indigenous population -because by 200 years, you’ve essentially become indigenous, and by 2,000, you definitely have.


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