Iran: A Ray of Hope


There has been a lot of war talk lately surrounding Iran and its nuclear aspirations (which may already be a reality). I don’t think most Israelis hate Iranians or want war. They’re just terrified that Iran will nuke them, so their sel-protection instinct kicks in, but the desire to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, by military means if necessary, is born of fear for their own lives, not out of hatred for Iranians. I also think that a nuclear Iran is as much a threat to the US, since Iranian rhetoric is pretty anti-American: America plays “big Satan” to Israel’s “little Satan”. During the Cold War, there was the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD): Namely, the Soviet Union would not nuke the U.S., because they realized that doing so would result in their own destruction, since the U.S. would nuke them back. Presumably, the U.S. would not nuke the Soviet Union, for the same reason. The problem with MAD is that it assumes states are rational actors. Unfortunately, there may be those in the Iranian government who feel that nuking Israel (or the U.S.) is a worthy enough cause that it merits dying for, and sacrificing Iranian lives for, meaning the knowledge of both the U.S. and Israel’s nuclear capabilities would not act as a deterrent.

Before we start envisioning a “Dr. Strangelove” scenario, however, there is a ray of hope: Some Israeli citizens decided to take matters in their own hands, by broadcasting messages of love to the Iranian people via Facebook. Sooon, the Iranian people responded by posting reciprocal messages of love for the Israeli people on Facebook as well. (Behold the power of social networking.)

This Facebook campaign is a ray of hope, as people stand up for peace. If you would like, the project has its own blog:

It’s good that this ray of hope exists, since it comes on the heels of new information that Iranian military experts are active in Gaza and Sinai, helping to manufacture rockets and pressuring Islamic Jihad (a terrorist group) to launch them into southern Israel, which may help explain the recent and sudden barrage of rocket fire.

Great. As if the region didn’t have enough problems….


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