Links (mostly relating to feminism)

Ok, so first of all this article in the Jewish Press outraged me:

Leaving aside a) that part of the point of Purim is that God made a miracle, and that’s why Achashveirosh loved Esther b) Achashveirosh is not a good role model c) Esther actively refused extra adornments while at the palace, this article’s message is very dangerous: Sure, physical attraction is an important component of any romantic relationship, but a woman should not have to modify her body and look like a model in order to find a mate. Yes, men are entitled to want to be attracted to their mate -but they should also be taught to change their values, that attraction grows over time, isn’t based purely on physical features, and that a woman’s body may change over time, especially with childbirth. Of course, for attraction to grow, you have to have a chance to spend extended time with someone, which the shidduch culture doesn’t exactly encourage. Women shouldn’t have to look like Giselle to get married: Men should be taught that not all women look like Giselle. (Brazilain pride -woohoo! Did I mention I’m half-Brazilian?) Furthermore, if a woman looks primped every time she sees her prospective mate, won’t he be in for a shock once they’re married, when presumably he will (horror of horrors) be forced to see what she looks like sans makiage -or is she expected to wear eyeliner to bed every night? It also may come as a shock to the author of this article, to know that I am personally well-acquainted with five men who prefer their mates without makeup – and not all of them even self-identify as feminists.

I was made of this article by an awesome friend who blogs for the Sisterhood, a column in the Forward that is worth reading. Here is a link to her article about the importance of men taking an active role in parenting.

Fear not: There is more feminist outrage ahead. Just click on this link to watch Rachel Maddow sum up the infringement on women’s reproductive rights that are happening in states across America.

I do not have a one-track mind, however – here is a link relating to poverty, just in case reading about the assault on women’s rights wasn’t depressing enough.



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