Lovely Links (If you don’t get the reference, youtube “Lovely Ladies”, from Les Miserables)

Luckily, the “let’s give all our women plastic surgery” article produced much outrage. Here is a sample of that outrage:

The author of the original outrage-invoking-article, was, ironically, profiled in an article about advances for women in the ultra-Orthodox community (or maybe not ironically – advancement in one realm does not imply advancement in another realm):

A general observation on the shidduch crisis/culture (Note: I know that viz a viz his podcasts, Rabbi Yuter specified that anything he posts on the internet, may change later on, since people grow and change opinions. So I know he thought this. I don’t know what he thinks now.):

Yay Israel! Good news on the agunah front:

Two yays for Israel! They banned underweight fashion models

I ran across this anti-women’s trafficing organization by mistake while doing research for the Mauritania blog post. Can’t vouch for the organization, but their site is worth a look.

Salam Fayyad, one of my favorite Palestinian leaders, condemned the terrorist attack against Jews in France.

Progress on protecting labor rights in Bangladesh

A petition to fight for more progress

I do agree with part of this article – namely, that by making the Tyler Clementi tragedy about Dharun Ravi, we avoid exploring (and fixing) the larger social implications: namely, how both bullying and homophobia are rampant in our society, and while this case seems to have been a combination of the two, each problem merits being dealt with in its own right.

My gripe against the Human Rights Council

A friend’s cool article on the Hebrew language – because I’m pretty sure this blog is supposed to be about Judaism, too. Of course, I view helping slaves in Mauritania achieve freedom or standing up for worker’s rights in Bangladesh as a moral imperative stemming from the Biblical verse (Genesis 1:27) that “God created man in his image”, as well as the Biblical exhortation that “You shall not stand idly by while your brother’s blood is shed”, so in that sense, one could claim my previous links/posts have been about Judaism as well.

Speaking of brothers’ (and sisters’!) blood being shed, I will close with an update on the siege in pursuit of the suspect and, more importantly, a report of the victims’ funeral. May their memory be blessed.


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