Monday Morning Links

I confess, I really don’t feel like blogging today, however, I do want to keep everyone upbraised of some links I’ve found. (Yippee!)

I recently have been reading bits of Rabbi Josh Yuter’s blog, and found some posts that might interest you. I know, when I listened to Rabbi Yuter’s introductory podcast, he pointed out that opinions can change, so one might listen to a podcast from two years ago, assuming it is Rabbi Y’s current opinion, when in fact, his current opinion may have completely shifted since recording that podcast. I oppose that applies to his blogposts (and my blogposts, and the blogposts of any blogger) as well. With that said, here are the links:

An analysis of the OU’s website geared at encouraging teens to be shomer That analsysis is mostly negative – I think it’s a pity that there are not better resources out there. Being shomer(et) is a difficult decision, and if our community is going to demmand that of its members, the least it can do is provide them with proper resources to help them keep that commandment, and proper support. Mostly, communities seem to either ignore the difficulties of being shomer, or assume that no one is “really” shomer. Both views are flawed: While some people do not find it very difficult to be shomer, and many people claim to be shomer while not being fully shomer, there are, in fact, people who practice what they preach, but who have extreme difficulties with that practice. I actually think there should even be anonymous shomer support groups, because being shomer takes emotional tolls, and can feel very isolating.

Dating vs Aliyah – a classic American Modern Orthodox dilemma

A decline in racism – and more proof that when it comes to social justice, nearly all issues are inter-related

One of the world’s premier intellectuals (who happens to be Jewish and French) on the recent massacre on Jews in France

There is now a guide to physical intimacy geared towards Orthodox couples. I believe this is a step forward.

A positive spin on Israel’s skinny model ban – though two friends graciously reminded me a) to be conscious of skinny-shaming, which exists (albeit is less talked about – skinny-shaming is to fat-shaming what virgin-shaming is to slut-shaming) b) This law raises the question – what does government have a right to legislate?

On French Anti-Semitism

This video, on redefining success in order to build a more meaningful life, is AMAZING

Video Man (ie Alain de Botton) on the need for secular ritual


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