That’s (Not) All, Folks!

Did you think my internet-article addiction was so paltry? For shame!

I understand this link may be construed as political, but to me it is about everyday people uniting and engaging in activism. I find that inspiring. Yes, Rachel Maddow is a leftist РI may ocassionally  share links that have a certain political orientation, if I feel they raise a larger social point. But overall, my goal in sharing these links Рwhether from the lef or the right Рis to educate, not to convince someone to share my political views.

Good news: Alternatives to foreclosures are being tested, meaning less people may lose their homes.

I don’t pretend to understand economics, but this caught my eye.

To charge your cell overnight, or not to charge? (An enviromentalist perspective, just in case you felt like being green today. Personally, I’m feeling rather blue.)

Iran: Ready For A Nuclear Shakedown?

The Onion on Middle East Politics

On white poverty and forced sterilization

A Crisis Center for Religous Women in Israel– an important resource

An now, in the words of Porky Pig:


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