Trayvon Marten

i do not want want to share my thoughts on the Trayvon Marten case. It is a tragedy when a teenager is killed, even more of a tragedy is he may have been targeted due to race. I do not want to share my thoughts, in part, because this has become a political issue, and I am striving to be apolitical. Yet how sad is it, that this even that should unite our nation, has instead been turned into political fodder by Washington? I am not talking about exploring the broader social implications of the tragedy – that is not only permissible, but in fact, mandatory. Whether or not Trayvon was targeted, because there is that possibility, his death forces us to confront issues of vigilante justice and racial profiling. However, the left and right (and quite frankly, the right more than the left) have begun using this as a political issue and engaging in a discourse war. I will share one link, which raises the question of whether George Zimmerman had a history of racial profiling. I will add that my thoguths are with Trayvon’s family and friends during this difficult time.


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