Pre-Pesach Links

A rebuttal of the shidduch system

A failed attempt at womanizing/general commentary on hookup culture, from a straight male perspective

Martin Seligman on Positive Psychology

One woman helps many gain voting rights in Peru (video is in Spanish)

A mother offers a funny perspective on sex ed

Should Israel change its national anthem?

The line between left-wing and anti-zionist

Darwin and the Rabbis

The Talmud is being translated into Arabic.

A powerful article on the influence of denominationalism on rabbinic Orthodox resposes to the agunah crisis, frkm Rabbi Josh Yuter.

Mattell will make bald dolls for patients with sickness that lead to hair-loss, to be distributed in hospitals. I applaud this effort, but wonder: Would it be better to just have a bald barbie on shelves – or would that force healthy children to have conversations about illness, etc., they might not be ready for, when they see the bald barbie on the shelves? I lean more towards the “there should be bald barbies available in toy-stores” position, but recognize why some parents don’t want to have to talk to their kids about cancer during an afternoon of toy-shopping. On the other hand, I guess you could just say that some people are bald, so too, some barbies are bald.

I recently finished this book on creativity and recommend it.

A Haredi website, meant to be a critique of Haredi society, is closing. You know your movement has been succesful when there is a rabbinic uproar about it. Good job! Also, take note: Haredi society IS changing – on the one hand you have the Burka fanatics, and on the other, you have the workers – and even Hardeim who (gasp) join the army, with even more who secretly wish to do so but fear censure from their communities. If we monithilize the Haredi world, ignroing the seeds of change among certain segments, we strip ourselves of the power to nurture those seeds of change into plants of revolution

On mikvah

A humorous piece on dating that makes a larger social point.

This Pesach video is too cute not to share. Chag Sameach!


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