Why Child Services Is Ineffective

1,. They are ovwerwhelmed with case-files and under-funded. Thus, they often fail to properly follow up on things/properly check in on children they should be checking in on.

2. Foster parents are not screend properly, or supervised properly. Thus, often foster-families provide improper or sometimes even abusive environments for the children they are supposed to be rescuing from abuse.

3. Child Services is (in my opinion) too quick to separate kids from families, because its too much money and effort to try to fix things at home through therapy for abusers and abused, regular home-visits by social workers, etc.

All three reasons really stem from 1: Under-funding/over-casing. Also, I’d be less leery of tearing kids away (reason 3) if reason 2 (frequent unsuitability of foster homes) were not true.


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